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Bae caught me slippin

Bae caught me slippin


Kelly Rowland texting Nelly via Microsoft Excel and then getting annoyed when he doesn’t text back.

(via iammachinery)

What I can’t say on Facebook pt. 2

8 o’clock Monday night and I’m waiting… To finally talk to a guy a little cooler than me. His name is Adam he’s a gamer with a nose ring. He has a “MacBook” but I’m not quite sure what that means… and when he walks! All the wind blows and the angels sing. But he’ll never notice me. Cuz he’s watching PornHub, jizzing over hot girls, listening to house music, trying hard to save the world. It’s like a bad movie, he’s looking through me. If you were me then you’d be screaming “someone shoot me!” As I fail miserably trying to get the guy all the bad girls want

Anonymous asked: Then why did you repost it :/

I didn’t know I was breaking any rules. I’m sorry :( Today I learned…

Anonymous asked: You stole the naruto/bondocks comparison gif

I didn’t say it was mine