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Anonymous asked: Then why did you repost it :/

I didn’t know I was breaking any rules. I’m sorry :( Today I learned…

Anonymous asked: You stole the naruto/bondocks comparison gif

I didn’t say it was mine


Just picking up my textbooks for next semester.

I’d love to read the Manga Guide to Physics just so they could explain how the hell these women have such enormous boobs

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Sexist Double Standard

It is kind of a double-standard how some men assume women cannot take higher roles in politics, etc. because they think their emotions will cloud their judgement. Yet, ironically, it is the women that they speak to when it comes to protecting themselves against possible rape, sexual harassment, etc. situations. If women cannot make sound decisions because of their “overpowering” emotions, then why is it up to the women to control rape scenarios that are out of their control? Why must the woman dress “appropriately” in order to not call attention to herself? Why must the woman not walk alone at night? Who talks to the men and tells them not to rape people? Aren’t men supposed to be the ones in control of their emotions? So technically, if a man is in power, but a seductress woman interacts with him, then he should okay because he’s in control of himself. Emotions and sexual arousal are natural. Women aren’t as emotion-driven as we are made out to be. And human-beings aren’t savages and should be able to control themselves around sexually stimulating scenarios. I am not trying to sound like a feminist or anything, I just realized this blatant double-standard.

Yes and No

Yes and No are the two most powerful words in your life. They are what brought you to where you are today. It can be from something as mundane as deciding which soup to buy at Panera Bread to deciding whether or not to marry your lover. Yes and No can either take you down one path, or keep you on your current one. Choose wisely my friends.

Miss this show

Miss this show

After coming home from work today, I was about to change into some lounge-wear until I realized I didn’t work out yesterday. Frustrated with this realization, I started jumping up and down. It was then it dawned on me that I am in no way ready to have children or get married… for I am a child myself.

Sailor Freddie Mercury

Sailor Freddie Mercury